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The Blvck Market is a Canadian based company. Created to be a digital online space where individuals can find and buy black-owned products all in one place. Whether you are looking for haircare, skincare, beauty, or self-care products they have something for you.

Founded by two sisters in the summer of 2020, the idea came to them when they had difficulties finding online stores that were black-owned and sold black-owned products. The Blvck Market came to fruition; a marketplace that supports and helps their community grow.

The Blvck Market is on a mission to cultivate a connection between individuals and black-owned brands. Empowering and promoting self-care and wellness within the community with the products they showcase is at the forefront of their goals.

Finding black-owned brands should not be a hassle. They have searched for quality black-owned brands, so you don't have to! At The Blvck Market, brands are carefully curated to help you discover quality products from both local and international black-owned brands; that they are sure you’ll love. Join them on this journey in search of discovering quality black-owned brands/pr

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