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Petrona Joseph, previously featured on Breakfast Television, is the Blogger behind Montreal based blog 'Slayedit Montreal'. As a trilingual Linguistics Concordia graduate, her love first love is writing. She is also an Author and a Mental Health Advocate, demystifying mental illness in the Black Community and beyond.

In 2020, she was instrumental in the Black Lives Matter movement by actively speaking up on everyday injustice experienced by Afro-Canadians living in Montreal, as quoted by the Montreal Gazette: "Quebec lacks spaces for black people" - a reality that she hopes to change. While the city was in an uproar due to racial upheavals, there was also a need for aid for those affected by loss of jobs at the onset of the pandemic. Petrona, along with a group of entrepreneurs, raised funds and donations, supplying aid to over twenty families. For her efforts, she was featured on 'Montreal Heros' on Montreal's CJAD, hosted by Balarama Holness.

As 2020 progressed, Petrona spoke out more about the effects of Mental Illness within the Afro-Canadian community. She was called onto numerous shows and podcasts to speak about her own experiences. This prompted a slew of speeches on mental health healing. While her second book on Mental Health awaits a release date, she continues to be a voice to those who are affected by depression and anxiety within Montreal's Black Community and beyond.

In addition, at the onset of the twenty-eight-day lockdown in November 2020, Petrona featured twenty-eight Montreal businesses and entrepreneurs on her blog Slayedit Montreal as a way of promoting their business and services. The entrepreneurs and businesses featured were heavily promoted on and offline, many of who leveraged the initiative during the month-long lockdown.

Petrona has carried numerous prestigious titles and positions to her name such, as the VP of Marketing for Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week, Honorary Delegate for the Film Festival Views of the World, and Montreal’s 100 Most Influential Women. Hard work and passion have led to her success today as an established Celebrity Blogger, featuring Montreal’s finest.

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