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Gala Dynastie 2024
8th edition

end of the submission period

Census period: September 01 2022 to August 31 2023.

Submission period: June 15 2023 to August 31 2023, 11:59PM.


  1. 1.
  2. Any individual from Black communities can register.
  1. 2. The candidate must be a resident of Quebec during the census period for the submitted achievement to be considered.
  1. 3.The submitted achievements must have been commercially marketed (a strategy implemented to raise awareness and promote projects or accomplishments) or have gained significant recognition.

It is possible to submit one form per category, up to a maximum of three (3) categories per candidate. Only one (1) achievement can be submitted per category. Additional forms will not be considered.

A candidate or an authorized third party can submit a nomination. Incomplete or unauthorized nominations will not be considered.

An email confirming the receipt of the nomination will be sent to the contact address provided when the form is submitted.

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The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

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1) Is the candidate from a Black community?*

Sorry, only individuals from Black communities are eligible to submit a nomination.

2) Do you have authorization to submit the proposed nomination?

Sorry, you must have the authorization of the person being nominated to submit a form.

3) Application submitted by*
3 a) Name of representative
3 b) Representative's email
3 c) Title of the representative
3 d) Name of the company
Participation Conditions
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4) First name of the candidate*
5) Last name of the candidate*
6) Candidate's alias (stage name, artist name, or public persona)
7) Link to your Instagram profile
7 a) Link to another profile (social media)
7 b) Which other platform (social media) did you share?
8) Contact email address*
9) Contact phone number*
10) Candidate's residential address*
This information is used to send important documentation in the event of a nomination. Your information is treated with utmost confidentiality.
11) Candidate's biography*
he biography text should be written in the third person. This text will be used to introduce you on our various platforms if your nomination is selected as a finalist.
12) Official photo*
Please upload a recent and professional photo of the candidate, following these specifications: 300 dpi, jpeg format, portrait-oriented, and capturing the upper body. A horizontal orientation (landscape) is preferred. The submitted photo will be used for the promotion and nomination of the candidate. Maximum image size = 10MB.
Max file size 10MB.
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Candidate Information
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13) The nomination is for the following category:*
14) Date of publication of the achievement*
15) Link to the achievement*
15 a) Identify the type of content*
15 b) Additional information about the achievement*
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16) Have you been nominated for the Gala Dynastie before?*
17) How did you become aware of the call for nominations for Gala Dynastie?*
Additional Information
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18) Declaration and Consent*
Declaration and consent
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